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View Diary: MO School to Child: Apologize to Your Rapist (70 comments)

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  •  you may want to update yourself on that case. (1+ / 0-)
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    it has been shown that the DA has reason to fix things for DSK. The woman who charged the rape, for instance, was NOT prostituting herself. The prisoner whom they claimed to get this information about her from, has been shown to have been lying. The woman and her mother are not only insisting on having the investigation continued, they are filing civil charges.

    Also, several other women have now come forward reporting violent sexual experience with DSK.

    If anything, what this case proves is the ongoing willingness of our society to deny rapes and punish rape victims.

    NY Post Smears DSK Rape Victim as "Hooker," Can't Back Up Their Claim (Oh, look! The New York Post! A Murdoch paper. They wouldn't make shit up to suit their political agenda!)

    Oh, and how is that DSK lawyers can block the medical report which states that she had injuries consistent with assualt and rape?

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