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    I knew exactly what you were talking about, although, I guess I can see how someone not living here might not get it. Kind of like the one or two people in District 12 who didn't know there was an election yesterday. (Maybe they were kidding, or as the lady calling next to me said, maybe they were from Mars). I like the canned food drive  idea as well.

    I like the idea of being politically active, but, have wondered if all the energy could do a little more than march around in the cold. It served its purpose, but, doing something good that is more immediate and helpful to the families who need help  is a wonderful idea. Keep brainstorming, those of us who lurk here in the comments can always explain what you're talking about to anyone who doesn't know.

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      I felt a bit like a goofball from that comment. I had just been thinking I should put background into text but couldn't figure out how. (facepalm)
       I guess I am a bit selfish that I want more tractorcade. People really come out for that stuff. Seems like a great way to get folks together where they are needed to sign and if we can get a food drive, win, win.
      Keep up the good fight.

      Behold the Power of Cheeseheads!

      by vacilando on Thu Aug 18, 2011 at 08:22:22 AM PDT

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      •  There is a new show on the progressive radio (0+ / 0-)

        station here, at least I heard it yesterday in the car, in the Madison area, Mic92.1. This lady was interviewing Mark Pocan and she knew everything about the whole state government situation. I don't know if it is on everyday or is a new show, but I think it was at 5:00 pm. It is the first time I have heard a really informed person, I mean who really knows the whole deal from start to finish doing an interview. Someone who is reacting as a citizen, not a journalist falling all over themselves trying to present a "balanced" approach.

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