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  •  I understand thinking that this is extreme, and I (9+ / 0-)

    agree that it is but the reality is this is regular prison shit.
    When I was "in", the same rules and punishment for infractions thereof were handled in the very same manner. The hidden wires thing- in prison it is called "hotwiring", connecting AC to a DC radio via a hidden adapter for example. Been there, done it. It goes way beyond that though, guys make immersion heaters by using 2 metals spoons, a legal pad backing, rubber bands and a piece of wire. MacGyver type of thing but works most excellently for boiling water. Even seeing one if you know anything (or nothing at all for that matter) about electricity tells you that the mere concept is bordering insanely dangerous, hot wires dangling in water.... and if you know enough about electric to make such an item then of course you are also aware enough of the fact you can use that same set up to kill a person. Plus you deprive the prison commissary, usually a large corporation, the sales of all of those damn "AA" batteries.
        The money? They trip about that shit, too. Using cash bypasses having to have your people on the outside having  to meet or send money to a third party for illegal items or contraband either from guards or inmates and thus eliminates the risks to them if something goes south about the deal being made. Cash is always king, even in prison but because it is the prison system take great offense to one having any. The country of origin doesn't have as much bearing in there as it would out here.
        If you have a cellmate and contraband is found in a "common area", you are both going down. One can claim sole ownership or confess but it is still up to the CO and then again through the administrative control board (kangaroo court) when your case is heard.
        Is it harsh? Goddamn right it is but it is common, very common, too common no doubt. Make no mistake, I am by no means diminishing what Leonard is going through, I am one of his supporters.
        Given what I personally know I can say that he is not being singled out, the system sucks and he is at its  mercy or lack of. Disciplinary Control sucks but it isn't what you are imagining it to be from the movies, it is not "the hole" of days gone by.
         Anyone doing any substantial time will end up in DC or AC at some time or another during their sentence, the rules and regulations are so petty that they always seem to have something to hook you up on, it doesn't take much.
        Just sayin'

    Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.

    by teabaggerssuckbalz on Wed Aug 17, 2011 at 08:10:48 PM PDT

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