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  •  this is typical of most school / public libraries (11+ / 0-)

    I work for one of the largest library systems in the country.  The money to buy books is simply not there, and has not been for at least 30 years.  Many libraries are struggling to have any books on their shelves, and some librarians think that having something on the shelf is better than nothing (I am not one of those).  There are also the politicians and community people who believe, since we have the Internet, we don't need libraries so why fund them?  We all know that eBooks are free (hahahahaha).

    Books are expensive and people simply have no idea how much.  In purchasing for my children's collection, if i am lucky, I can buy three 32-paged science books for $100.  That's with library binding (paperbacks are $10-$20, depending on length and content, which is why so many libraries now purchase paperback editions.  Of course, children LOVE paperbacks, and will, in many cases, not read hardbacks when they are offered).  When my book budget is $500 for a whole year, that doesn't buy much.  Why so underfunded?  Libraries are easy targets because local and state governments can say they are not important and cut funding, and who contradicts them?  The poor who are considered animals by certain media personalities?  The middle class who can barely afford to drive to work and use libraries for the Internet and children's books to help with school?  They don't have a loud voice because they don't have the money to donate to a political campaign.  Therefore, they are not important, and the institutions that serve them are not important.

    •  $500 a year? (3+ / 0-)
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      Mark E Andersen, 3goldens, Limelite

      I'm horrified. I spend probably twice that amount annually for my reading-for-pleasure history texts I pick up, and that's with discount ordering through Daealus and Amazon. I can't imagine trying to stock a public library for all ages on that amount. Does your local parent-teacher association know about this? Could they stage a fund-raiser?

      Radarlady, who can't believe how cruel the GOP is to America's children, especially given the rhetoric they so regularly spew about the "unborn." Maybe because the "unborn" don't read, it's okay?

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