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  •  florida has some very conservative areas (7+ / 0-)

    which are a throw back to the old south .  That's why Bill Nelson goes so far to the right because he has to pick up these votes.  Gore was too far left to even touch those voters.

    •  so Gore should've run further right? No (2+ / 0-)
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      Rick Aucoin, Johnny Q

      and it seems like you've dismantled your own straw man attack on the "left of the left".

      "Pelosi was the only damn one of the entire lot who showed any ounce of leadership the last two years"-- The Dead Man

      by musicalhair on Thu Aug 18, 2011 at 09:35:24 AM PDT

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      •  didn't say that....said that there are many (1+ / 0-)
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        areas here (panhandle) with many democrats who are old south and extreme social conservatives there is no way Gore would have gained the votes of racist, homophobic, gun toting Fl old south democrats.

        •  then moving to the left would've done (2+ / 0-)
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          Johnny Q, Rick Aucoin

          more good than agreeing with bush over and over in the debates.

          We don't need scapegoats nor myths about why Gore didn't end up president.  And we really don't need anyone preemptively blaming a possible Obama 2012 loss (something I think is truly impossible right now) on people that are on the correct side of issues.  Speaking truth to power isn't the problem.  Accusing the left of fucking up the DLC's wet dream is the problem, and you're contributing to it with this joke of diary.

          Oh, they don't call themselves 'greenies' anymore for obvious reasons.  But they are the left of the left, way out in left field.

          Scare tactic.  Lame.  Also, left field is were we need to be.  This country has been fucked over constantly since 1980 by moving to the right.  Centrist crap won't fix it.  We knew that in 2008, then we watched Geitner and Summers Rahm move in when they represented everything that cost HRC the nomination (and justifiably so).  Pretending it away will push the very furthest of the left away-- which is what you're accomplishing here.

          Why do our job numbers suck now?  Because the stimulus bill was neutered ostensibly to get a couple of republican votes but equally so because jobs in the US are offensive to Wall St (and thus offensive to Geitner Summers and Rahm).  Blame belongs there, not among the tiniest portion of the population-- the portion that "gets" what the hell is going on.

          The enemy is Wall St.  Anything that makes us forget that is not helping.  

          You've engaged in circular arguments up and down this diary because you can't say at the same time the left cost Gore the election while you've been shown Gore's own actions allowed centrist dems disgusted by Clinton's sex scandal to vote for the guy Gore himself said over and over "actually I agree with" during the debates.  The left didn't give a fuck about the sex scandals.  We remain pissed over NAFTA GATT and MFN for China, ending welfare as we know it, "sista soulja moments", executing a mentally handicapped guy to show he was tough on crime, media consolidation, bank deregulation, no action on vehicle fuel economy standards, and all the triangulation.  

          Don't think the centrist democrats cost the democrats elections (as opposed to the left)?  How many so-called Democrats voted for LIEBERMAN last time?  The disloyal, comfortable, selfish center cost us that election-- not the left.  Same in Florida.  The same prudish Dems that thought the PMRC was a great idea, whose secret racist fears need periodic comfort via "sista soulja moments" were enabled to vote for W each time Gore said "well actually I agree with Governor Bush on this (or that) issue".

          Did Gore want the green's vote when he picked LIEBERMAN?   Did Gore even fight to recount the whole state?  No.  Did the left put Jeb Bush as governor?  Did the left hire Bush's cousin to call the race in Florida for Bush on Fox?  The fix was in, and Gore didn't do himself any favors by painting himself as similar to Bush over and over.  Rather than admit it-- both the fix and Gore's failings--, you blame the left.

          This is all bullshit anyway.  More than anything, we need to put Pelosi back in as speaker.  Obama will win reelection, but the DLC and the oligarchs, who love divided government more than they love republican controlled government, sure as hell don't want a democratically controlled house-- what we had for like 40 continuous years of "The American Century".

          "Pelosi was the only damn one of the entire lot who showed any ounce of leadership the last two years"-- The Dead Man

          by musicalhair on Thu Aug 18, 2011 at 11:09:47 AM PDT

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