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  •  Because when the Left is completely ineffective... (4+ / 0-)
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    aisling, Deep Texan, Whimsical, Sylv organizing and mobilizing people or gaining a mass following, they cease to be a credible pull on the party.

    The Left used to be able to do that, back when the Left was union members and working people. Regular Americans identified with people like that, and they identified with their basic message of a good day's pay for a good day's work. And because the Left was effective at getting much of the public to identify with leftist politics and at organizing those people into a potent political force, they pulled politicians leftward.

    But then the Left ceased to be able to do that, and somehow coincidentally this happened at about the same time that the face of the Left became not the union organizer or the working person, but the self-indulgent hippie. They failed to get the public to identify with them or their message—and, thus, waned as a political force capable of pulling politicians leftward.

    So yes, it is the complete failure of the Left that has moved the party, and the country, rightward. And for some ridiculous reason, the Left continues to grant credibility to the same people, media, and messages that have been abject failures at effecting political or social change, and continues to care more about "making our voices heard" rather than "what actually works." Why keep giving the keys to people who have done nothing but run the Left into the ground?

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