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View Diary: The 'Greenies' are back in full force (342 comments)

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    the answer is that it's because we are not forcing them to.

    we are not holding what the republicans hold dear to them hostage to force them to do it. we are not getting on eh same page,s tarting with the president, hitting them hard for it every day, forcing them to do it.

    the few times when we did, we got them to back down (see 5 straight time when the GOP had to back down on holding up UI extensions over the first 2 years of obama's term).

    yell, we are not even forcing them to actually vote on cloture votes, to get them on record. reid would back down on the mere THREAT of not voting for cloture.

    you may say it doesn't matter, that fighting hard wouldn't have mattered. you don't fucking know that because you can;t fucking know that. we need to fucking try, and try hard.

    but fucking assholes like you will just continually make excusing wile millions freeze, because "our side" is more important to you. you are scum, you have shown that you are not interested in real discussion (saying that to fight hard mean to abuse the CIA, etc).

    we are done here.

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