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    These are dangerous people and they are working in concert to accomplish something they want done and it sure looks like control of the Middle East is one of them.

    And we are paying to help them do it, they take our tax dollars and flush them into the sewers of the arms industry. It's a straight shot from your wallet right into the swollen coffers of men who make their money from getting people killed wholesale, by the dozen, en masse, pretty neat trick huh? And contractors and bribes and all the things they need to accomplish their mission coming out of our pockets so they can subdue the Middle East and plant roots and tentacles of control.

    That's what they are doing with our money they are investing it in oil not the people of the United States. Here at home we are out of jobs and homes and health with bad schools, bad medicine, bad roads, bad luck and the hope is getting thin. We can't address these problems at home because all of the money is slated to go elsewhere, spending money on the people's interests is obviously not as important to whoever is controlling this nation; is there any other way to see it?

    Trillions of dollars and millions of lives are invested in this project to subdue the Middle East; we've been at war for a decade leaking blood and treasure and bringing untold misery to the people of the Middle East. We have already committed the crime of the century and its barely begun.

    Is keeping up a certain standard of living worth what we are doing to maintain it. Is the wasteful, consumer oriented, materialistic life we've grown accustomed too really so important to us that we advocate militarily stealing oil from the Middle East, of course that decision is being made for us but?

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