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View Diary: Obama pushes chained CPI in town hall meeting (358 comments)

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    From just two sentences you have somehow figured out that Obama intends to cut SS ruthlessly and without care. He is not going to use this to raise taxes on wealthy or raise the amount that the rich have to pay into medicare. No, he is going to start going into seniors houses and taking their food next. Than comes the death camps!!! He is so evil!!!!

    Seriously, you are taking a few sentences and assuming the rest. I watched that entire speech, because my mother was there. He spent alot of time talking about the need to generate revenue, calling out the Republicans, defending the EPA etc etc. He is doing what we have asked and people still attack him.

    I have no problem with being upset with Obama. But shit like this is ridiculous. You are taking a few quotes out of context and using it to fuel an attack. I urge people to listen to that entire speech before they jump all over him.

    Of course the "Obama is a "secret Republican" crowd loves this.

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      He defended medicare. He stated strongly that Social Security does NOT account for much of our health care costs. He than stated that Obesity causes 1/3 of our debt related towards health care. He than talked about educating people on eating healthy without forcing them. Basically stating that when people are educated about a problem, they are less likely to do it. That is a fact. He said this in the same damn speech.

      Reform and Cutting are very different things. Our country is in a really really bad situation, we need to reform some things. Things are going to change. We have to ensure that the wealthy and corporations pay into this. That is the real fight. Its much easier to just say "See, See! I told ya so! He said this". Its much harder to actually work to make sure the candidates listen to you.

      The crap that some people are spewing by him is no damn different than the Republicans. They want you to say this. You know the Presidential Candidates would love to say "See, even his own party is bashing him!" Independents see this and this could very well flip their vote to the GOP.

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