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View Diary: Rick Perry, evolution, and a decided lack of intelligent design (77 comments)

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  •  You're right -- ID would simply be a philosophical (5+ / 0-)

    viewpoint if it weren't so insistant.  Many CHristians who accept evolution believe that God "underlies"evolution, that God influences it, or framed the universe in such a way that intelligent life would eventually evolve, or similar views.  Many would say that the complexity and awesome nature of the universe suggests a creative presence within it.  (Carl Sagan and many other scientists disagree, but that's the nature of beliefs.  THey vary.)

    But the ID people aren't content to simply hold a belief. They want  equal status with science on it's own grounds (evidence, proof, prediction).  Hence their claim  that there are DEMONSTRABLY things in nature so complex that they could not have developed by chance/selection, so a "design" is logically necessary.  They keep trying to offer examples, and falling on their faces.  But they don't care if their proof is convincing to scientists.  They just want to finagle their way into teaching their beliefs to young people with the authority of the state behind them.

    Losing status and authority -- that's what appalls that particular kind of believer.

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