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View Diary: With Gaza Under "Major Assault," Israel's Protesters Respond Defiantly: We Will March W/ Candles (185 comments)

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    "Of course I feel the same way about the people launching the rockets on the other side"

    legally, Palestinian civilians lose their civilian protections when they are currently engaged in hostilities. When they are not engaged in hostilities, even if they have engaged in hostilities in the past, they are protected persons under international law.

    This is different from Israeli soldiers, who are not classified as civilians even when they aren't directly engaged in hostilities. That's why if you look at human rights reports, for example this one by B'Tselem, they use different formulations when referring to Israeli casualties and Palestinian casualties. In the former case the distinction they use is "civilians" vs. "combatants"/"soldiers". In the latter case they use Palestinians who "did not take part in the hostilities" vs. those who did - Palestinians always qualify as civilians under international law, but for the duration of the period in which they "take part in the hostilities" they lose their special civilian protections.

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