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  •  I am one of the first 13 women to go to A & M 65 (4+ / 0-)

    You are painting with a pretty broad brush.  Even then half the population was not the Corps.

    I often felt the same way toward Tsippers as we called UT.

    I always felt this was something very honorable about being willing to stand for the 13th man.  I also felt A & M represented some of the best of our military.

    That does not mean that I did not know jerks like McCain types who like his Dad came out of Annapolis as did Carter and Ike came from West Point.

    I was there when Gramm arrived and always saw him as a jerk--particularly in economics and never in my wildest imagination would have dreamed het would become a senator.

    Dubya regularly came to round up at UT and hung out in regualr basis with his frat brothers there.  He was followed regularly by the Texas Rangers to make sure he stayed out of trouble and there were a ton or rumors of all kinds--women, animals, men, drunken brawls, abortions etc.  They all got major jobs and there was no blue dress.

    I don't blame Harvard for its wretched alumns nor do I give them the credit for the good ones.  By the time you get to college, you are already a product of other major environmental influences.

    I learned a lot at A & M, good, bad, beautiful and ugly and I could hold my own at Standford.  I also chose how I used all of it and so does everyone else from everywhere else.  I have never experienced more social snobbery than Standford and yet their band was wicked funny.

    As an army brat I went to 3 different high schools using Wisconsin's fight song---and when I was young and into football--it always got me excited rather it was on ye brahmas or on ye vikings or on ye cougars.  LOL

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