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View Diary: The MI GOP freakout cont'd: Robocalls warn against identity theft from signing petitions-AUDIO link (79 comments)

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    One, the telephone network is not designed for use as a broadcast medium, and using it that way interferes with its core purpose as a one-to-one medium (e.g. to avoid robocalls you turn off the ring and miss an important call).  

    So the use of it for broadcast messages has to be minimized and restricted to essential functions such as public safety.  

    Two, signing up for notifications of any kind should require explicit consent on a distinct and separate form, not tied to anything else such as e.g. getting a discount on a product.  However, most of those types of notifications are redundant with other types of technology:  for example I have no sympathy for "wake up calls" because there's a device known as an alarm clock that performs that function, and delivery messages can be sent via text or email.  So using the telephone for that purpose is a needless frill and shouldn't be used to open a door that will let in a plague.  

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