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    JG in MD, RiaD

    I can barely deal with the day to day complexities of life. The news is disastrous on a daily basis. Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry are actually being considered as serious candidate? Really? SHEEEEESH.

    Half the damned country thinks that global warming is a hoax and that dinosaurs played kick ball with Noah. They also think man was mad from mudpies 6000 years ago. I can't fucking take it anymore.

    My remote will only sort of work with my TV and my cable box. I don't even think I can select a movie anymore. My wife, who I love, has turned into a daily soap opera in which I am not only a prominent cast member but an unwilling one as well. I don't speak to anyone in my family anymore. . .they have been infected with some mysterious bug that has rendered them all crazy & irrational.

    I DRINK. I make no fucking apology for it either. I recommend it!

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      Bourbon: From a friend who shared a little from a bottle of blended whose name I forget. Always with a couple of splashes of soda, not water.

      Beer: Sam Adams, a six-pack from the same friend a couple of months ago and saved for special evenings. There's one bottle left.

      Past Preferences: Lovely amber Jack Daniels or the nightly tipple of my youth, Jim Beam.

      I come from a long line of unashamed drinkers who were fortunate to be nonaddictive personalities.

      Let there be light. Then let there be a cat, a cocktail, and a good book.

      by JG in MD on Fri Aug 19, 2011 at 12:53:42 PM PDT

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      •  That describes me too (2+ / 0-)
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        JG in MD, RiaD

        But now I find myself surrounded by family teetotallers. What has happened to my country? My dad used to toss back 3 or 4 martinis at lunch and go back to work, where he did a hell of a job. The society chorus of condemnation of drinking seems overwhelming these days.

        Remember when every reporter had a flask in his upper right hand drawer?

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