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    Many of us are bitterly disappointed in Barack Obama, but he's going to be nominee in 2012.  Better to focus on taking the House, and taking it with as many progressives as we can.  Nancy Pelosi has sometimes disappointed, but she's by far the most progressive member of the Congressional leadership, passed lots of great legislation when she was in charge (though most of it died in the Senate), and with her in charge of the House the ability of Republicans and corporate Democrats to wreck what's left of the New Deal will be greatly weakened.

    Congressional Democrats would best served not to treat Obama as the party leader, but rather to call him what he is: a centrist, a compromiser, someone who will split the difference, someone who still cannot bring himself to say that Republicans are the problem because he's too busy being post-partisan. Some have claimed that because Obama has put entitlement cuts on the table, Democrats can no longer run as the party that fights for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Nonsense!  Just be the party that fights for these programs,

    Seniors vote in the largest numbers.  Pull out the legacy of FDR and Truman, JFK and the early LBJ years.  Run on that.  It's who we are, it's what we stand for.  Even an independent who has her doubts will respect someone who stands for something over someone who stands for nothing.

    Obama doesn't need your financial contributions, as Wall Street's got his back.  Find some real progressives to give your money to.

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