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  •  I think these are excellent ideas and could (5+ / 0-)

    provide a viable alternative the status quo.  It's funny, but I was thinking about these things today, and reading your diary helped me crystallized many of these ideas.

    •  It's funny, I grew up with this stuff (7+ / 0-)

      I come from a far left family, this is all second nature to me. But a lot of democrats don't really know that all this is out there and functioning in America. The word commune still conjures up images of drugs and sex, not sober, level headed business.

      The more the system fails the citizens of America, the more people will look to alternatives. I'm glad I could give some useful insight. Wikipedia is actually a very good place to start investigating these things. I also found Nolo Press to be a useful resource, with their books starting up a Limited Liability Company in the form of a cooperative is pretty easy. There are tons of books and magazines out there too, that bastion of local socialism, the public library, is sure to carry many of them.

      Mondragon is a particularly fascinating example to me. It's a cooperative of cooperatives, everyone in the society can get help starting their own cooperative if they don't want to work in an existing one, and they have a societal income inequality limit of fifty to one (up from ten to one at their founding, by popular vote!)

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