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  •  It's the little stresses (1+ / 0-)
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    Actually we are butting up against my husband pinning W5 and needing to make some kind of move.  DOD is insisting that he take a combat tactics slot and deploy, and W5s with his history need to take those slots whether they like it or not because they are very short and we have divisions deploying without them.

    But we also have our son with severe scoliosis needing halo traction.  They wanted to do it when he was ten and his growth plates were still too far apart.  They said they would do it when he was eleven,  but his growth plates were still too far apart.  We have been trying to work with DOD on deploying and dealing with this too but science and life have not meshed well at this point.  They want our soldier to deploy in January, when they will not start the halo traction until February at the earliest and it will be a four month process.  We can file the family hardship paperwork, but that sucks doing that too, everyone would rather work it out as adults.  But sometimes career managers have the pressures they have and the slots unfilled that they have and there is nothing to be done other than rely on rules and regulations to make everyone feel uncomfortable and sort of shafted :)

    •  I feel your pain. (2+ / 0-)
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      JRad183, Militarytracy

      My husband did three years managing the career managers for his career field in the Air Force (minus a deployment in the middle).

      He tried very hard to bring compassion to the job but sometimes there was nothing left to be done and people had to deploy who probably should have stayed home.

      Half the problem in the Air Force is that we have people that don't deploy - never have. I still wonder how you manage that after 10 years of war?

      File the paperwork if you need to and don't feel bad for doing it. Your husband and your family has put the nation first plenty of times. I think you guys can put your son first this time and not worry about it too much. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the adults can come to a decision that works for everybody.

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