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  •  Every thing was peachy-keen in Libya (0+ / 0-)

    under Qaddafi, is that your point? Well, facts are stubborn things:

    Libya grapples with unemployment

    Tripoli's Al-Rasheed Street is known as a hang-out for Libya's jobless citizens, some of whom try to sell anything for pocket-money.

    Heavily secured during the day, the area turns into a makeshift market in the evening.

    Libya's jobless rate at 20.7 percent: report

    TRIPOLI (Reuters) - OPEC member Libya's unemployment rate is 20.74 percent, a leading local daily reported on Sunday, quoting the government's latest census figures.

    So the Libyan gov't claims 21% but we know gov't tend  to underestimate unemployment. Anyway, by your logic there are many immigrant workers in the US so clearly we don't have a domestic unemployment problem! Dream on.

    Remember history, Clay Claiborne, Director Vietnam: American Holocaust - narrated by Martin Sheen

    by Clay Claiborne on Tue Aug 23, 2011 at 08:10:44 AM PDT

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    •  I didn't say things were "peachy-keen" (0+ / 0-)
      Libya grapples with unemployment

      "Previously, everyone who graduated from high school or universities was employed by the state," he said.

      "Of course now the state is overcrowded by employees."
      He adds that some Libyans will only work in administrative and managerial jobs and says that three million foreigners have gone to Libya to do the work locals refuse to do.
      The government recently allocated $2.3bn in bank loans to stimulate local entrepreneurs.

      Libya's jobless rate at 20.7 percent: report

      The report, highlighting social differences in Libya, comes before a two-day meeting of the country's top legislative and executive body, the General People Congress, which begins late on Sunday.

      The Congress is widely expected to endorse a Gaddafi plan to distribute more than $30 billion oil money this year directly to the 5 million Libyans in a bid to lift a million out of poverty.

      Gaddafi blames widespread corruption in government for the wealth gap between rich and poor in the country.

      Jibril and Saif were pushing neo-liberal privatization of Libyan companies during this period. (We are now seeing this very same thing happening within the US at this time.)

      Qaddafi son sets out economic reforms: Libya plans to shed old and begin a new era
      January 28, 2005

      The need to impress international investors prompted Qaddafi to invite nearly a dozen foreign experts to Libya last year to help study how changes could be woven through government and the economy. The gathering included Porter, Yergin, Mark Fuller, the chief executive officer of the consulting company the Monitor Group, and Lord Meghnad Desai, director of the London-based Center of Global Governance.

      "These people are world experts," Qaddafi said. "There may be some reaction against them inside Libya, but they are the best."

      One of the first projects involves a study of up to two years, beginning in March, by the Britain-based Adam Smith Institute on how to proceed with government reforms.

      "They will study the structure of the civil service and find ways to streamline bureaucracy and reduce the number of employees," said Abdulhafid Mahmoud Zlitni, chairman of Libya's National Planning Council. "We need to make the government more modern and efficient."

      Anyway, by your logic there are many immigrant workers in the US so clearly we don't have a domestic unemployment problem!

      I didn't say anything of the sort. I always hear that the reason for the immigrant workers is that Americans don't want the jobs they do - such as in meat packing plants and agriculture. BTW, America is the richest country in the world so why are there so many homeless poor people? Why is the wealth disparity in the US one of the greatest in the world?

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