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    that sure is simple.  And simplistic.  I will say to you what I have said to others here who NO MATTER WHAT THE SUBJECT, the nuance or the focus, will make it about Obama being a lousy president.

    In keeping with my focus here, I will note to you that Democrats kept FDR in office for 12 years---despite their complaints and there were plenty of them from the left, and then went on to keep another democrat in office for 8 years, again, despite their complaints, and again, I assure you there were plenty of them. 20 years of a Democratic administration.

    Democrats haven't done the same since, not even come close.  Maybe because we've become a bunch of victims who can't prioritize.

    What up with you people who think you're the first in the history of this country to not get what you wanted from your party?  

    You people who don't understand that it comes from the bottom up as surely as it comes from the top down are going to kill us before anything else does.  

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