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    The Tyrannical Financial Industry which accounts for 40% of all American corporate profits is a monster than is devouring American democracy, along with the American "Defense" Industry (Pentagon, Homeland Security, CIA, 800+ Military Bases Worldwide, Iraq, Afghanista­n, Pakistan, Yemen, etc.....). America has been "taken over" and is now "ruled" by these two insane dictatoria­l forces of "insatiabl­e greed and perpetual wars". Corporate Greed and Corporate Wars are Americas TYRANTS! Of course Americas twin corporate tyrants have only been able to have their way in destroying the American Dream, because Washington DC has become the Nightmare Enablers. Americas Politician­s only obey their corporate Masters of Greed and Wars. The Arab world has shown that TYRANTS "can be" toppled, that these tyrannical soulless beings can be conquered. When will America have its Arab Spring? When will We the People have an "awakening­" in order to reclaim our democracy, to stand up for "our" country? The 2012 election must be about what kind of America we want - a country that serves We the People "or" a country that serves We the Corporatio­ns. This is the crux of our current Second American Civil War. Are We the People to be owned by the plantation owner Corporatio­ns? "or" Are We the People to be FREE and lead the country that as Lincoln said is of, by and for the PEOPLE? The "Corporati­ons are people" LIE must be exposed for the corporate takeover of America that it represents­. Enough of this Corporate Tyrant madness! Take the red pill!

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