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View Diary: A Prison Story: punished for being sexually assaulted (61 comments)

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  •  US Prisons and the Jails in US Counties (8+ / 0-)

    are among many things Americans need to be ashamed of.  there is rampant and ongoing and daily abuse of prisoners in US prisons and inmates in county jails.

    I know this from working with poor and indigent families in the Foster Care system,  from my years as a Child Protective Investigator and Child Protective Investigator Supervisor (CPI & SPIS) in two states, as well as from my own arrest and maltreatment at the hands of a Hillsborough Country Florida Deputy after being threatened in a holding cell.  She threw me into another cell and said, "now shut the fuck up, faggot."  This was several years ago, but I still can sense and feel those moments when I was absued.

    I have tremendous sympathy for the person who is the subject of this Diary.

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