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  •  Nine points, huh? (0+ / 0-)

    That's similar to what he beat McCain by in 2008 amongst Independents.

    I'll tell you, I'm a little freaked out by the drop in the Gallup* poll, but then, if he comes out strong with his economic speech in September and continues to push ahead and fight, I think he will recover. Of course, he's still tied or leading actual threats like Romney, and that's something.

    Let me ask you, do you think there's any particular way he could phrase his remarks in September? I've often wondered  just how much good it might do if he specifically said he was accepting responsibility for what had happened, both good and bad, and that he would make damn sure everything that could be done would be done--or something like that--written more artfully than how I just put it. I think it could be tied to him trying to be the adult in the room and people liking him because he's a responsible person and has an affable personality, but I am not sure.

    *Someone, by the way, recently said here that they viewed Gallup's numbers with a big grain of salt. Was that you? If not, do you know who it was, and why they felt that way?

    •  I think he should tell the truth (3+ / 0-)
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      itskevin, MichaelNY, SaoMagnifico

      He has tried to work with them but they aren't reasonable people. He should say what he told them in private - if they won't budge he will take it to the country.

      And yes, I take Gallup with a massive pinch of salt. All through 2008 only Rasmussen showed smaller Obama leads. Then last year their final generic ballot had Republicans winning the popular vote by 15 points. They won by 7.

      PPP has approval at 42% so he is clearly at his lowest point but I need to see more polling before I believe the Gallup horse race numbers released yesterday. As always we should go on the totality of polling not cherry pick what we like and don't like.

      •  What did he tell the Republicans in private? (1+ / 0-)
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        What you say is accurate and would be justified, but I think there's a good chance it comes across as, well, whiney and bitter and other unappealing things. He can hint at this, but it needs to be handled with care. He also needs to look like he's fighting, along with Democrats, for the best policies now, regardless of what happened in the past. That is why I think he should say that he's waiting to enact this stuff and will sign such legislation the moment he reaches his desk. Doing that will place the onus of responsibility on the Republicans.

        I'm not sure what to expect in a few weeks. I don't mean to sound too dramatic, but I feel like this is a make or break moment.

        •  It is his last chance to be proactive (1+ / 0-)
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          Certainly in terms of the economy. The leaks from the debt ceiling meetings suggested that he told Boehner and Cantor he was prepared to take it to the country because majorities agree with his plan not theirs. Presenting that to the electorate I believe is what you are talking about. You are on the same page as the president.

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