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View Diary: Remember when Eric Cantor wanted to cut disaster funding? (101 comments)

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    Never before has it been so apparent. It's just too bad that lesson never sticks with "real 'Murica".

    Sarah Palin trashes volcano monitoring, then a volcano in Alaska erupts...

    Then stupidly, Bobby Jindal trashes volcano monitoring in front of the entire nation on live TV and a couple weeks later, the big volcano in Iceland erupts...

    People eat this crap up because it seems so trivial until it actually comes in handy. Hurricane early warning system? Feh, who needs that? Oh crap there's a hurricane on my front porch! Why wasn't I warned??

    The government spends a more than a trillion dollars every year, and to regular folks, that is a mindbogglingly big number, so obviously when someone says it's spending too much, the message resonates because how could anything cost a trillion dollars?

    Well, the government pays for a lot of important stuff. Some of it is really expensive... but that doesn't mean it's a luxury. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid? Extremely expensive... but also extremely necessary.

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