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View Diary: Fresh Air to Discuss Dominionism Tonight (123 comments)

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    Ellid, davidincleveland

    I'm listening to this on KQED right now.

    Rachel just said that NAR is substantially different to the "Reconstructionist" brand of dominionism founded by Rushdoony.   Not only in ideology but also in its leaders and hierarchy.  

    "I should have figured that out," but I didn't, and now I'm going to be more alert for it.  

    •  just learned something else new too! (3+ / 0-)

      One of NAR's key planks is "the conversion of Jews in preparation for the end-times."

      I thought that was generalized throughout the religious right.

      Per Rachel it turns out that this is a specific NAR thing.

      Very interesting.   And thoroughly pernicious: this ties in with the whole thing about Jews ultimately being forced to convert or they will be incinerated in the wars of the end-times.  

      Think of it as "the new Holocaust with a Get-Out-Of-Auschwicz-Free" card.

      Now she's talking about post-tribulationism (the tribulation comes first, the Apostles take total control of society, and then the Rapture occurs, after the tribulation).

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