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  •  I am thinking about your history (7+ / 0-)

    You do all the right things. you take up the "makeovers' and certifications that take time and effort to acquire, and even though they are supposedly the ticket to ride into steady employment somewhere, sometime, they really don't perform  quite as advertised.

    What do the millions of your siblings, in your cohort, those a little better prepared , those not quite as prepared, do, when the reality of THIS economy is replacing jobs lost at the rate of some 20 to 30 thousand a month? And there are millions and millions cut loose?  Even after the Great Plunge in employment?

    It means hitting the lottery is as likely (meaning the low buck wins, 100-1 or 400-1 odds) as getting the job.

    Your first instinct, to come on a democratic, progressive leaning website is still a good one because without that aid and support in many ways we can't survive this devastation, and you know and I know that is what it is dead nuts totally across the land throughout the culture.

    The fashion is not just avoiding hiring someone in their late fifties or early sixties on general principles but because the feeling is a qualified person is really too good for the kind of position they might be looking at now and will leave as soon as something better opens up.

    And that happens all the time, years ago, now, into the future, only it's an excuse to thin out the large group of applicants for nearly any position that actually pays anywhere in America at this time.

    I wish you good luck and may that "jobs bank" idea be 10 times, 100 times larger than the imagination of those tossing it to us as a sop, yes as a crutch to avoid massive anger and despair and retaliation.

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