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    What is it that bothers people when they see you walk in? Maybe its just because my parents waited til they were serious before having kids (im 25, my parents are in their mid-60s. Holy *@# ill be in trouble if anything happens to them. I try not to think about it.)
    Maybe its my fathers burned, scarred body that makes it easier for me to deal with people. Maybe its all mine from the infections? I do not undersand in the end. If I had any sort of meaningful way to do so, Id hire someone like you. Considering idiocy is timeless, getting someone who can actually express themselves is a rare thing.

    I mean, maybe, if you were looking for a job as like..princess of the republic of congo, or some other ridiculous thing, i could see you getting odd looks.

    For what its worth, id say you do a very good job at encouraging people to see your point of view. Its a very small area between frustrated expression and rant, one you navigated quite well.

    All I have, sadly, is praise. I cant think too well. Cause see, i dont have any experience, and a fun number of mental health issues. Its hard to explain why i go crazy with terror thinking every plane will end up drop nuclear weapons. Especially since i live about 3 miles from the airport...god im tired. (Though I Honestly think its me trying to hide my fears of helplessness.)

    It worries me that someone with that much experience can be so pushed aside. On a lighter note, all the election workers here are quite elderly. fantastic at their job, but that doesnt seem to impart infinite age. The lack of volunteers who were born after world war 2 is disturbing.

    It felt like rather a long time, but then long times get longer when you're standing around thinking about them. A curious thing, that. Long roads get longer too, if you're thinking about them, but what about long words? They don't change nearly as much

    by kamrom on Fri Aug 26, 2011 at 07:53:22 AM PDT

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