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  •  I test for food and supplement allergies by eating (0+ / 0-)

    a diet I know is very non-allergenic for at least two weeks to clear histamines from the body. In my case I can eat rice, Japanese sweet potatoes and lamb with no reaction. Then I will eat a small portion of a new food, or try the new supplement at very low dosages. If I have any reaction, I then know not to use the food or take the supplement.

    That means no wheat, only raw milk, no other dairy, very limited carbs, except for rice, etc. in my diet. My diet is very stringent, but then, the trade-off is that my health is pretty good, and my MD only gets an annual visit from me.

    Allergy testing can be done on yourself if you are able or willing to do the strict diet and test for new foods, herbs and supplements one at a time. The technique is cheap, but requires discipline. It has proven very effective at screening for allergens.

    When you come across a big allergen, your body lets you know almost instantly! The body's intelligence is incredible, when we aren't stuffing it full of allergens.

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