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  •  The thing about node.js and Ruby (0+ / 0-)

    I get the sense they're more frameworks than platforms.  You don't really have to know much programming to be able to put together a pretty good looking and functional Drupal site because core is functional out of the box for basic there are already a ton of great contributed modules available to extend it, but I think if you were to built something with Ruby or Node.js, you'd be doing a heck of a lot of coding (even though it'd be less than recreating something like Drupal from scratch in PHP).

    I can't really comment on the direction of Ruby, but I suspect that as more developers start playing with node.js, you'll see more stuff built on top of it and open sourced.  Perhaps the next Drupal will come from that community.  I can say this - one of the best Drupal shops in the country, Development Seed, has migrated entirely to node.js (they're doing some very large ultra-scalable government stuff now).  Who knows?

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