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View Diary: Super Congress take note: Growth in Medicare spending has slowed significantly (84 comments)

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  •  Are fraud prosecutions helping? (1+ / 0-)
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    I've seen reports of substantial Medicare fraud prosecutions of some megasize operations, especially in Florida. We don't know what percentage of Medicare payments are actually sheer fraud, but it's obviously some. It seems like if you thought that you had a good chance of getting caught selling fantasy wheelchairs to people who don't need them (or don't exist at all), you might choose to make your illegal money some other way and leave Medicare alone.  So kudos to the Obama-Holder team for making this a priority.

    •  Fraud is a huge issue. Wonder if ACA has (0+ / 0-)

      provisions for upping the number of investigators and installing more humans to monitor claims:

      An e-ripoff of the U.S. Disbursing public funds electronically sets up the federal government to be victimized by massive fraud.

       By Malcolm Sparrow

      August 21, 2011
      Last week, a Los Angeles jury convicted a local pastor and his wife of fraudulently claiming $14.2 million from Medicare. The culprits recruited parishioners to help run fake durable medical equipment companies, and spent the proceeds on expensive cars and other luxuries. Assistant U.S. Atty. Gen. Lanny A. Breuer described their efforts as "persistent and brazen" and said "they treated the Medicare program like a personal till."

      Around the country, a never-ending stream of Medicare and Medicaid rip-off stories suggest many people now use these programs as personal tills. In July 2010, authorities exposed and shut down a more organized scheme, charging 94 conspirators from five cities who had stolen $251 million from Medicare.

      Three months later, in October 2010, 52 members of an Armenian American organized-crime ring were arrested and charged with $163 million in fraudulent billing.

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