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View Diary: Five Rules for Defeating Hostage taking Politics. (224 comments)

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    hostage taking situations. How would this work against a patent troll during an infringement fight? . Or a government situation, where hostage takers, negotiators, and the hostages themselves all have access to the media and lobbyists, and might well switch roles during the process?

    A revised list:

    1. Gain control of the situation by gaining control: decry hostage taking in public. Call it what it is, anytime and  every time it is brought up. Call in favors and markers; get everyone else who expects to get something from you in the next two years to decry it too.   Might want to make certain all the hostages actually know they are hostages (especially if they are members of the political base of the hostage takers), and encourage them to talk about it. Give them megaphones.

    2. Explore the feelings  OF THE HOSTAGES. How do they feel about it? What do they think about the issue? Do explore the feelings underlying the other side's demands - to find wedge issues. Is everyone over there feeling comfortable putting guns to peoples heads? Maybe some aren't? What else is dividing them?

    3. Use their heated emotions to get them to make stupid decisions and contradict themselves in public.

    4. Don't solve the hostage takers' short term problems, create more short term problems for them! Make those problems the agenda for any negotiation.

    5. Rub their noses in every failure. Make it clear to the hostages who was on their side, and who was not.

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