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    a publicly funded 10 year $10 trillion campaign to end the threat posed by cancer.  I can say with absolute certainty that spending an extra $1 trillion a year would save lives -- perhaps even a very significant number.  So we can also conclude that all members in Congress are complicit in "hostage taking" when it comes to my cancer treatment proposal.

    The impact of spending and cuts may be real, it's still not literally a hostage taking.  Even if the deaths in the aggregate are directly linked to spending cuts, it's still not a literal hostage situation.  A hostage situation involves the taking of a specific person at a specific time in a specific location.  A generalized impact may be real and the deaths may be real, but the generalized situation is still not the literal equivalent of a hostage situation.

    I am not arguing that there won't be real world consequences to the GOP cuts -- or that they are only likely to cause metaphorical deaths.  Obviously they will have a real impact, which is why the debate is important.  I am taking issue with pushing the analogy too far.  Aspects of the hostage metaphor may hold in this situation, but that doesn't mean that the metaphor will hold in all respects to the current situation.   Recognizing the points of divergence is an important part of using the analogy appropriately and effectively.

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