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  •  I had heard of it but until I read about it (1+ / 0-)
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    Calamity Jean

    in Wikipedia I didn't come close to understanding it. I still don't understand it but it's an interesting approach and I'm going to read more about it.

    My own view is that the current version of capitalism in this country is moving away from capitalism as such into a kind of neo-feudalism and a withering away of the central state (in favor of corporate entities and their associations). I don't differentiate politics from economics (neither did many economists of a bygone era) and thus see our current system to be just a form of control used by the oligarchs to, frankly, enslave the public or at least turn them into serfs with some nominal independence with the ability to live in a home with their families and so on--but little else. Debt is the tool.

    I believe we can break out of this but it will take radical change and that change starts with each of us struggling as hard as we can to break out of the web we are ensnared in on an individual, clan, and social group level. The current system is toxic and to be avoided and impeded in any way possible.

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