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  •  Great diary. (12+ / 0-)

    as-salaamu alaikum, I saw the diary yesterday and felt the same way, as I do every time I see negative references to Muslims, Islam, or Shari'ah.  I commented in that diary something to the effect that I knew that particular diarist didn't mean offense by it, but does hurt, nonetheless.

    The change in attitudes toward Islam and Muslims from right after 9/11 to now is immense, and it is the product of a concerted campaign of Islamophobia bankrolled and pushed on the American people by a specific set of people.  There was a great diary on these people today, with a link to the pdf report detailing who these people are.

    Most Kossacks, as I'm sure you know, are open minded and do not sink so low as to blame all Muslims for 9/11, or for terrorism in general.  There are Islamophobes here...just check out any of my diaries.  But they are few, and for that I'm grateful.  As a result of this campaign, though, it is becoming more and more "normal" or "acceptable" to reference shari'ah as a negative concept, with the general consensus being that it means allowing a system like that of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.  People don't understand the tribal influences in those places that have severely effected interpretations and mixed shari'ah with tribal customs going back to pre-Islam days.  To them, its all monolithic, and its all shari'ah.

    Anyway, good diary, and I'm glad you spoke out.  I hope members here will think a little harder before using shari'ah in a diary, even as snark.

    PS: thank you for bringing up the Obama thing!!  I've thought that so many times, but never did do a diary on it.  It is insulting to "defend" Obama from charges of being a Muslim, simply because there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim.  He's not...but it wouldn't matter if he were.

    Terror has no religion.

    by downsouth on Fri Aug 26, 2011 at 09:35:42 PM PDT

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