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View Diary: Post 9/11: Deaths and Money Spent Never Ending, While Economy Tanks! (2 comments)

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    a very well-written Diary.  I agree with you, wish I could Rec it more.

    And so true.  When will we learn?  I still recall how disgusted I was at the office, when we were getting ready to invade Iraq.  Prayed that they wouldn't do it.  All the people in the office, they were so excited!!! They brought in small flags, their cars were covered with yellow magnets.  There was so much patriotic fervor.  I wondered if in their excitement, they could imagine what it was really going to be like.  And the devastation we would leave behind.

    After a while, the excitement died down.  People took down their flags.  The yellow magnets fell off the cars.  People started complaining about the cost of the war.  I said - nothing.

    That was a horrible time to be working at that office.  

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