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    Changing the way we think is a difficult and often dangerous hill to climb,  and it's seldom, if ever, accomplished by one person.  When we recognize the outstanding  work of one of our leaders, it should never diminish the work of the many others who led the way.

     There's just one thing.  Do we really live in a "more liberal climate?"  If we do, it's certainly not apparent in today's Democratic Party, nor do we see it anywhere in the Republican Party.  You see, our language has been damaged by what passes for the GOP today, and they and their friends in the "think" tanks have been working overtime trying to change the meaning of words, and they've just about destroyed the true meaning of some of them,  like for instance liberal and conservative, and even communist.  Today our strongest "conservatives"  and followers of what they describe as the free enterprise system even do business with the biggest Communist nation on the planet.  These investors in communism and proponents of free enterprise  come from the heart of the GOP, the very same political party that blamed Harry Truman for losing China to the Communists.  It's why we fought in Vietnam, to keep these "evil communists" like the old Soviet Union and China from slowly but surely expanding, country by country, until they reached the shores of the United States.  And now they call our Democratic President a socialist.  That's not very far from what they called President Roosevelt and his wonderful wife, Eleanor.  Roosevelt was considered to be a traitor to his class and a socialist at best, and his wife was called a "pinko," which was a tiny bit short of being a read red communist.

    I'm still waiting to see a real liberal in Washington.  Don't worry.   All he or she will have to do is call it something else because today's definition for "liberal" isn't what it used to be.  He or she will be something like FDR.  How good was that?      

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