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    I was born in 1951, and still a kid when most of the events you describe. The teacher's strike took place during my senior year in high school. I have no recollection of the details of the dispute from this vantage point (other than what I can glean from your own description and from other things on the internet); I just remember it as an unfortunate incident that had the unfortunate consequence of feeding the deteriorating state of Black-Jewish relations in New York City at the time.

    I find it interesting (and I know you can't read this at the moment since your power is out) that you are able to have sufficient perspective to see beyond the specifics of that particular incident. We are far too prone these days to see politics as absolutely devoid of any nuance--either you disown anyone who disagrees with you an any issue or you run the risk of being labeled a traitor or a turncoat and this is not at all a productive stance. Building coalitions is a difficult enough business; the insistence on purity simply makes it that much harder to accomplish anything worthwhile.

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