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View Diary: Linda Harvey: There is "no proof" LGBT people exist (124 comments)

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  •  She never gets invited to wedding showers (6+ / 0-)

    Clearly, Linda Harvey is a very lonely woman. Since her reaction to the expressed thoughts of other people is to deny they exist if she doesn't share those thoughts herself.

    "Oh, poor Mary," she must think, with smug, self-righteous air, "Clearly she doesn't love Bob because I don't love Bob. In fact Mary doesn't even EXIST because no one who has feelings for Bob COULD exist!"

    Perhaps poor Linda Harvey should start a group to help those poor people who don't love the people she loves and who -- FALSELY -- love people Linda Harvey doesn't love.

    Then she should start a group to help those poor, suffering people who don't like the colors she likes and who have chosen the sick, pathetic lifestyle of not liking her favorite foods.

    Since everyone who isn't EXACTLY like Linda Harvey needs help or doesn't exist, she must live a very sad and lonely life all alone, the strange, sick hatreds and rages just swirling around inside her hollow little skull, occasionally banging into a tiny, lonely, far flung  brain cell.

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