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View Diary: The war on teachers and the impact on U.S. public opinion (137 comments)

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  •  HVAC is STEM (0+ / 0-)

    But a few thoughts:

    1) If I work HVAC should I unionize and tell my boss that I'm working in a STEM field and should be paid as such?

    The powers that be in this nation sure don't push that ideal.

    2) Chicken and egg in terms of career "choice."

    Why does anybody "choose" a particular career? I 100% agree that we need to have more STEM trained professionals in this nation. How does one encourage this career path?

    You bring up:

    However there are far far too many people trying to go for the 10 to 1 odds of becoming a professional writer when getting some kind of technical degree(there is enough variety to make most happy) will more than likely get them a career.

    - What are mom and dad telling them at home about career choice?

    - What does pop culture push as a great career?

    We're now on two straight generations and going into a 3rd of Americans being raised to view intellectualism as a negative. This nation CRUSHED Adlai Stevenson's run at President for being an "egg head."

    I really share your desire for more Americans to view STEM learning and careers as a valid path through adulthood. But for you to lay it at the feet of teachers is garbage.

    •  They play a (1+ / 0-)
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      part in it . They are not the whole of it but they are a part. The teachers preferences themselves have a significant influence over the children.

      I have my own opinions on how to reform the situation but that is a long conversation for another time. I however need rest for the weekly grind starting in the morning.

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