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  •  Eeek. Stop trying to cut the Humanities. (4+ / 0-)
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    Here's a fun anecdote:  

    I have a little sister whose school is on a block schedule such that they have essentially 8 courses over a year.  Three of her eight scheduled courses for her upcoming junior year are mandatory off-blocks, study halls, or other filler.  These are required courses because they save the school from having to hire a teacher to teach something (anything!) during those times.  This is a relatively high-achieving school in an affluent university town.  

    You really don't need to cut anything in order to have more science and math in students' lives.  There is already a huge hole in their education experience.  I think every humanities teacher would be happy to fill that hole with science and math.  Schools are just comically underfunded.  That's the only problem.

    The only people who have ever argued to get rid of science and math are the people who don't like learning at all.

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