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  •  Cutting arts and other topics lowers skills (2+ / 0-)
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    For example, music is math.  Art is math.  Dance is math.  Gym is math.  They are all also science.  They are all English and Social Studies.  They all teach problem solving. And they are all things that create interesting, creative, thoughtful people.  When children of all ages don’t have these things, they lose so much.

    Here is another, stop protecting the shit teachers. Every teacher I know has some story about a horrible teacher down the hall who is just not good at their job, and are letting down the kids. The teachers know who they are but nothing id done about them. This is a failure by the teachers. Hell let them police themselves.

    We need to get rid of those bad teachers.

    Administrators are supposed to do their job and get rid of teachers who should not be in the classroom.  Most administrators are too lazy to bother.  Or, they go after the teacher who speaks up and leaves the docile teachers alone.  My job is to teach and not to police fellow teachers.  (And, you can get rid of teachers who are tenured.  It’s a two year process, but the admins have to be motivated.  And, during the two years they are supposed to help the teacher improve.)  Some admins gave tenure to teachers who shouldn’t have gotten it.  Now in NYC, they play games and deny a lot of teachers to keep them powerless.

    Pay for performance. Will this cause teachers to teach to the test? Yes so what?

    Trust me.  Most teachers don’t go into teaching for the money.  I don’t work like a dog because of money, I do it because it’s my job and I want my students to have options when they get older.  The more they learn, the better they will do, or least I hope so.  Merit pay is an insult and it has been proven that it doesn’t do a damn thing.  Look at all the scandals and see who got the merit pay.  The Principals!  What did they do?  Change grades and put pressure on teachers to pass non deserving kids.  Just pay me a fair wage I promise you my kids learn and do very well on standardized test.  And, even better, they are prepared for the next course and for college.

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