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  •  I am a teacher (3+ / 0-)
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    in Seattle Public Schools, and I want to thank you for your article.  You conveyed a serious message, and you did it in an upbeat tone. In a time when so many teachers around the county feel disrespected by the blame-the-teacher ed reform movement, you reminded us that there are good teachers everywhere.

    In Seattle, we've endured a blame-the-teacher administration for four years. This year we have a chance to change that with the upcoming School Board elections. Out of a seven-member Board, four vulnerable incumbents are up for reelection, and each of them has a viable challenger. I have been thinking about coming out of my Kos retirement and posting a diary on it. Perhaps when the time is right.

    I am so tired of being disrespected for something I've put my heart and soul into. As a teacher, I know I'm not alone. We have to stand together and fight the ed reformers. Many of them have good motives, but they are dupes of a wealthy political elite who are driving public schools to privatization. The teachers I know want an education that works for all children--a public education, that great defining American institution so central to a democratic political culture.

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