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  •  IIRC, federal workers were not allowed to (2+ / 0-)
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    JesseCW, blueoasis

    participate in Social Security initially, and for a long time after its inception.  One of the things SS opponents whined about was the potential for federal workers to abuse the system, so they had to be kept out.  A separate retirement program had to be established.

    And, not just for department heads, managers, administrators, etc.; this included the lowliest clerk at the Post Office.

    It is really no small coincidence, BTW, that one of the tenets of the Paul Ryan Republican Budget is to reduce the top federal tax rate to the same level that Treasury Secretary Mellon had managed just prior to the Great Depression.  Even with the results of their folly quite apparent in historical record, the Republicans have never once abandoned their dogma;  there is no reason to expect they ever will.

    So, yes, indeed, Democrats must be prepared to wage a perpetual battle for their vision of government and society.  Their opposition will always be there.  Substantial majorities in Congress must never be taken for granted, but must always be fought for and maintained, and treasured and nurtured by wise use and husbandry.

    Excellent diary.

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