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  •  asdf. first of all, i don't buy your premise, i.e. (1+ / 0-)
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    The rest is up to us.

    That would include you.

    that the HCR law is a good start. it's not. it is a huge step in the wrong direction, enshrining into law the deeply flawed and immoral status quo on health care financing. and by now it should be obvious that Obama didn't think that it was a good start towards a progressive policy. the proof is in the pudding: what has he done to try to improve the bill since its passage? or to garner support for future progressive changes to HCR? if he didn't really want that corrupt bill to pass, if he actually favored something progressive like Medicare for all, he and his followers at OFA have been doing a great job hiding it.

    but ssecond, and more importantly, how dare you tell me what i have to do. this is a representative democracy. i helped to get this guy elected, and all i got for my trouble was one neoliberal-flavored shit sandwich after another. we would not be in this fix if Obama and the dems actually represented democrats (and the republicans and independents who make up the 60-70% of americans who wanted single payer.

    "I'm all for pragmatism just as long as it's not just a slight pitstop on the road to hell." - TJ, 11.30.10

    by output on Sun Aug 28, 2011 at 04:22:29 PM PDT

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