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View Diary: Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law (244 comments)

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  •  these facts seem to be untrue. (2+ / 0-)
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    eXtina, Into The Woods

    if this is true, why don't the democrats argue with Fox news?  When dems are on TV, they never dispute all the talk about deficits and Obama.

    the charts surprise me although I know Obama is a deficit hawk by nature.  (nothing wrong with that thinking as long as it is tempered with economic advice).

    •  They are more true than Republicans use. (0+ / 0-)

      And for the most part present a more accurate image of reality than is ever presented by the Republicans.

      If someone wants to quibble by saying the cost of the Stimulus should not be assigned to Bush's budget year because it was outside his budget, if someone was astute enough to raise that, I'd concede that point.

      But conceding points before they are raised is what we complain about Obama doing.

      Being overly 'fair' to the GOP is like arguing for out-of-bounds markers in a knife fight.  (You can be pretty sure the other guy will not abide by them, even if you do.)

      Someone in a very expensive suit is at the front door and says he wants to foreclose on our democracy. Where should I tell him he can put his robosigning pen?

      by Into The Woods on Mon Aug 29, 2011 at 03:34:31 PM PDT

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