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View Diary: Sunday Train: Four Transport Alternatives to Canadian Tar Sands (36 comments)

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  •  I'm up for doing all of it (5+ / 0-)

    What I don't understand is why industry hasn't gotten on the bandwagon for electric freight rail already?  It's cheaper for them.  It's more efficient, and in the long run, more reliable.

    As for personal travel, I hate to fly.   I do it, but I don't like it.  It's horribly inconvenient, and when accidents happen, sheet metal doesn't just get smashed - EVERYBODY always dies.  It takes me at least 6 hours to fly from Pittsburgh to Boston or New York, when you consider the drive time to the airport, parking at the airport, getting there 2-hours early for the privilege of being eyed up and down and having to remove my shoes and coat, boarding, flight time, disembarking, waiting for luggage, dragging all that crap through the airport, and finally getting to the rental car lot/getting a car/and leaving the airport.

    You can't tell me that it wouldn't take less time, with lower stress, by high speed rail.  I've traveled all over England and France, and I would NEVER fly within those countries.  Even if it was the same amount of time, the hassle factor alone would make it worth it - and I could take a full-size can of deoderant in my carry-on.

    The problem is, unless you've experienced HS rail, you just would never know how much better it is.

    •  'In the long run' .. (4+ / 0-)

      ...big part of it. Its a massive capital outlay for the size of Class I railroads, and the best returns are on the transcontinental routes where no single Class I owns the entire right of way ~ and if there is an economic downturn and slowdown in demand for container freight, they still have to serve the debt. And plus pay property taxes on the infrastructure, which road freight companies do not have to do either.

      The proposal shifts the ownership and financing of the new infrastructure to public Line Development Banks, with substantially less subsidy than private road freight, but with the subsidy targeted at interest rate subsidies.

      Its a mix of private and public benefits and, relative to road freight, a much more balanced mix of private and public cost sharing, with the public subsidy up front and without a long term maintenance overhang like the Interstate Highways.

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