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  •  Hmm. You buy into SRA. (0+ / 0-)


    I've read the F.B.I. report. There was no evidence. Period. And had there been ritual killings, there'd have been some evidence. There was nada. I am sure the SRA claimants actually believe what they are saying--but that doesn't make it true. And I have read a LOT about that. I suggest YOU try reading the sources I cited. But I think YOUR mind is firmly closed. And actually it is frighteningly easy to create false memories--at least according to psychologists who've proved it over and over in experiments.

    "Expert testiomony" indeed:

    One he had retired Griffis went back to school and got 4 degrees from 3 colleges. Later he got his PhD from the "north campus" of Columbia Pacific University, writing a doctorate paper entitled "Mind Control Cults and Their Effects on the Objectives of Law Enforcement."

    This "north campus" was a diploma mill that was run by Dr. Les Carr, whose property was briefly home to an this illegal campus of the Columbia Pacific University, a correspondence school based in San Rafael, California. Carr co-founded Columbia Pacific to offer non-residential educational programs up to the PhD level. The state attorney general's office shut Carr's Columbia Pacific campus down, made them pay civil penalties, and return tuition fees. Deputy Attorney General Asher Rubin described Columbia Pacific as "a diploma mill which had been preying on California consumers for too many years."(1) The suit launched by the state names Columbia Pacific as offering "totally worthless [degrees]... to enrich its unprincipled promoters."(2)

    Following his retirement Griffis spent a four weeks with the police departments in Los Angeles and San Francisco researching "cults, occult and nontraditional groups."(3) Griffis states that he "tried to be proselytized by these groups, to see how they worked, see what their sales pitch was. I went to the American Church of Satan but I was not a member. I went to where they held their meetings and looked at how their rooms were set up. I went to their book stores. At that time I didn't know what a book of shadows was. Learned from the street what the different groups was. I also interviewed people involved in this activity."(4)

    This mioght explain things.

    Do you also believe the McMartin Daycare case was true--even though it was clearly shown that the young and inexperienced social worker unintentionally led the kids into making stuff up?

    There's an entire cottage industry of Professional WItch Hunters and Ex-Witches that makes the circuit of fundy churches  lecturing on The EEEEVils of the Oh-Kult and hawking their books filled with either lies or delusions. I suggest you  go to and read their entire
    Witch Hunts section. It's penned by a Canadian cop who is Wiccan and is a former child abuse investigator who shreds these phonies and con artists. Start
    here with one of the more famous cases.

    The last time we mixed religion and politics people got burned at the stake.

    by irishwitch on Fri Sep 02, 2011 at 03:18:08 AM PDT

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