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View Diary: Vermont: Hurricane Irene Aftermath (225 comments)

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  •  We expected wind and a lot of rain (7+ / 0-)

    We were braced for flooding and most of us prepared for an extended time without power - with food water etc.
    Just didn't expect every part of the state to suffer severe infrastructure damage.  The condition of roads is not quite believable.  We've just been set back 50 years, when you couldn't get there from here.
    Bridges washed out, road just opened up with yawning cavities, State roads and the two Fed highways closed down in many parts - and all the back roads are now reliant on whoever lives there and can get out with a broomstick and a towel to mark sinkholes, or drag branches to block off roads which have become impassible.

    •  Yes, the scoop of it (5+ / 0-)

      seems to be massive.  So sorry.  

      I think it must be more like WW II times.  I've gone from sitting on a parent's lap in the late 1940's to now in Vermont, and you could always get places.  Of course there were some places you didn't TRY to go from March through April (!).    

      But you are right about the great dirt roads probably being washed out, not just muddy.  

      We loved our road here in upstate NY in the 1970's - dirt, with trees arching over the road.  But the local highway sup't took care of that several years ago.  Now it's paved and they regularly take a bush-hog on steriods to the trees.  Believe me I've tried to stop them!  They get mad when I go out and photograph them doing the dirty deed - sigh

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