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    Just got back from a walkabout.
    We tried to get to the Rt4 washout, but were prevented by the State police.
    Worse news is that two workers went missing from the area around a pumphouse for the Rutland water supply.

    One body has just been recovered.
    We saw the Red Cross helicopter doing a search.

    This has gone from catastrophe to tragedy, now. It is just a matter of time before the second worker is recovered. Looking at the denuded tree trunks in the riverbed tells me all I need to know about the poor guy's survival chances.
    This is not all that surprising. though. The work ethic and can-do attitude of so many Vermonters makes workplace accidents like this too common.

    Class war has consequences, and we are living them.

    by kamarvt on Mon Aug 29, 2011 at 11:14:35 AM PDT

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