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View Diary: Bachmann: Abraham Lincoln ALMOST DIED, but added "In God We Trust" to American currency (129 comments)

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    This is why I love this blog -- it allows one to discuss arcane items of history. . .

    The Americans attacked the British colonies of Lower and Upper Canada (modern-day Quebec and Ontario) in 1812. As others have mentioned, they thought that American settlers in Upper Canada and Les Habitants in Lower Canada would join forces with them.

    It didn't turn out that way. In the early part of the war, American invasions were repulsed by the Canadian militia and native warriors. Indeed, any student of that war has to acknowledge that were it not for the native leader, Tecumseh, modern-day Ontario would be part of the U.S.

    Another reason for the timing of the invasion was that England was embroiled in a war with Napoleon. As his empire collapsed, Britain was freed to send regular British troops to the fight.

    They sailed up the Potmomac, burned the White House but failed to seize the fort at Baltimore (where Key saw that the flag "was still there"). They then proceeded to sail to New Orleans, where they attacked through a swamp against an entrenched American position and were cut to pieces by troops under the command of Andrew Jackson.

    Ironically, that last battle was fought after a peace treaty had been signed in Europe, but news of that was still crossing the Atlantic.

    So yes Michelle, Britain did invade America (in 1814), and they were defeated, but only after a bunch of farmers and natives kicked you Yanks out of the True North Strong and Free!!

    I'd start chanting Ca-Na-Da right now and pumping my fist. . . but that would make me feel rather stupid. I like the border the way it is now, and I'm glad we kissed and made up and agreed to never fight again!

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