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  •  yes, the comments at end of article are very good (8+ / 0-)
    Corporate taxes in the US are among the LOWEST in the world, and corporations move jobs to LOW-WAGE countries, not LOW-TAX RATE countries.  -- see chart on page 12
    “Because the U.S. tax code offers so many deductions, credits, and other mechanisms by which corporations can reduce their taxes, the actual percentage of profits that U.S. corporations pay in taxes — or what analysts refer to as their effective tax rate — is not high, compared to other developed countries.”
    Where you incorporate and where you hire workers are two entirely different questions. I understand that we don’t want all American corporations running to Switzerland to incorporate. But that is not the issue here. The issue here is the flood of jobs that have left this country for distant shores with lower wages. Lowering the tax rate does NOTHING about that. Moreover, you can incorporate in Switzerland and have your world headquarters in New York City. So tax rates are largely irrelevant to decisions made by corporations as to where they will locate their offices and factories.

    GOP 2012 campaign ads - "Tax the working poor!"

    by MartyM on Mon Aug 29, 2011 at 03:14:29 PM PDT

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